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How The Christmas Angel Network

Fundraiser Program Works

 The Christmas Angel Network offers a fundraiser program for businesses and organizations that makes holiday tree shopping as cool as a winter’s breeze while raising money for your favorite charity. Your supporters will enjoy easy online ordering, fast & convenient delivery, and the natural scent of a freshly cut holiday tree saving time and the hassle of transporting a live tree.

 The Benefits Are Clear!

  • Competitively priced holiday trees and wreaths
  • Trees are cut to order and arrive within a few days of being harvested
  • Cost effective delivery via FedEx anywhere in the country
  • Free participation for selected company & organizations
  • Turnkey ordering system with secure checkout
  • Sales tracking via discount code
  • Cash back and donations up to 35% of profits

 The Process

  • All you need is a representative from your company or organization to sign up by filling out a participation application.
  • Upon approval you will receive your Christmas Angel Network Discount Code via email to be distributed to all of your friends, family and supporters directing them to website.
  • The CAN Discount Code should be entered each time a customer checks out to credit your company or organization with the sale.
  • All sales will be totaled on December 23rd and each company or organization will receive a sales report, which will include Cash Back and Donation totals.

 Cash Back & Donations

Each company or organization will receive 5% cash back to offset any marketing costs and a 30% donation made to it favorite charity.


 6-6.5’ Fraser Fir


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Please place your order by no later than December 10th to ensure delivery before the Christmas holiday.

Shipping charges  will be added to the price of your order at checkout.  Applicable taxes will be added according to your state law at checkout.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
4-5ft 5-6ft 6-7ft 7-8ft 8-9ft. For oversize contact us.

Wreath collection come in various sizes:
16", 20", 22", 24", 28", 32", 36".  Available Wreath size can be selected at checkout, otherwise product will come with specific specification, contact us for oversize.